JANTJIE -Television feature – Dramatic love story about a young colored man’s affections for a childhood friend played against a backdrop of racial tension and the Border War in Namibia. SABC.

 ITREYNI (THE TRAIN) 11 x 30-minute dramatic series. The story of a train conductor and his adventures during the course of duty. C Films/SABC.

 ISIHOGO SISEMHLABENI (HELL ON EARTH) 1-hour dramatic film. A firefighter suffers from amnesia as a result of serious burns. He has to make a new life for himself. C Films/SABC.

            AWARDS AND RECOGNITION:   Winner of TONIGHT Award.

MRS DUMBLEBY  2 – 13 x 7minute animation programs for young children. C Films/SABC.

AFRICAN FIRESIDE TALES – 13 X 13 puppet animation series based on African legends. C Films/SABC.

MRS DUMBLEBY – Series of 13 x 7 animation programs for young children. C Films/SABC.

COAST WATCH – 30-minute documentary examining South Africa’s fishing industry. C Films/SABC.

THE CAPE MALAYS – 60-minute documentary examining the history of the Muslim community in the Cape. C Films/SABC.

THE SORCERER – 39 x 13 min animation programs featuring electronic puppets. African fireside tales and legends. C Films/SABC (African language).

MABERONE – 7 x 13 min dramatic love stories playing out in an ancient African tribal setting. (African language) C Films/SABC.

Dr KLEIMAN (CLAYMAN) – Series of 13 x 5 min clay animation series C Film/ SABC.

INTERGALAXY – Series of 26 x 26-minute computerized puppet animation series C Films/SABC.

MARIPANE – Series of 13 x 13-minute dramatic love story set in tribal Africa. C Films/SABC (African language).

           AWARDS AND RECOGNITION:  TONIGHT Award for Best Drama Series

 SPACE CADETS – Series of 13 x 26-minute computerized puppet animation series. C Films/SABC (African language).

 SEWER RATS – Series of 13 x 26-minute dramatic series. C Films/SABC.

 PARENT AND CHILD – Series of 13 x 13-minute educational programs. C Films/SABC.

 THABURE – Series of 26 X 26-minute adventure dramas. C Films/SABC (African language).

 THE UNBROKEN THREAD – 40-minute documenting the history of cotton and a current investigation into the cotton industry in South Africa. Corporate.

 PUTCO BUSES – 40-minute examination of the bus services in Johannesburg. Corporate.

 FAIREST CAPE – Documentary overview of the scenic attractions of the Cape Peninsula. SABC.

 THEN CAME THE ENGLISH – 3 x 60-minute episodes. An in-depth examination of the history of the English-speaking peoples of Southern Africa. The series traces the story of their development, set against the background of Britain’s colonial role and presence in the sub-continent. IFC Films/SABC.

            AWARDS AND RECOGNITION:  TONIGHT Awards for Best Director, Best Presenter and Best T.V. Documentary Series.

 THEY CAME FROM THE EAST – Series of 6 x 26-minute series looking at South Africa’s Indian community, their history, religions and cultural affairs including Mahatma Gandhi’s early years in Natal. IFC/SABC.

 THEIR FRONTIER, THE SEA – 3 x 26-minute shows examining the SA Navy including submarines, frigates, minesweeping and the Navy’s role guarding the Cape Sea Route. IFC Films/SABC.

 MAKOMA – Producer/Editor – Short documentary dealing with the S.A. Government’s role in uncovering the ancestral bones of an African leader which had lay buried for over 100 years on Robben Island. With the help of an African soothsayer, the bones were found, dug up and reburied during a state funeral in the ancestral tribal homeland. Made for the South African Government.

 FOLLOW THAT RAINBOW – Script supervisor. Feature film for the International market with locations in Switzerland and South Africa. Directed by Louis Burke.

 MARIGOLDS IN AUGUST – Producer. Written and starring Athol Fugard. Set up co-production with the BBC.

 WINNERS 2 – Script supervisor and Assistant director to Jans Rautenbach. Emil Nofal films.

 SOUTH AFRICA – Associate Producer. 1-hour Special on South Africa made for CHANNEL 13 in Los Angeles hosted by Anne Kaestner. An in-depth look at the Apartheid System. 1977.

 FRATERNITY ROW (OH BROTHERHOOD) – Script Supervisor on feature produced for USC Film School.

 In 1978 conducted numerous interviews in Namibia and shot footage in Egypt for the SA Department

of Information

 In 1977 under the auspices of the Department of Adult Education at the University of the Witwatersrand in conjunction with their school of Dramatic Art and SA Film and Television Technicians Association, initiated and organized an intensive 8-week film course covering various aspects of the industry with many leading professionals from the industry participating. This was the first film course to be offered in SA.