World On A String-Part Five: A Passion for Beads

World On a String – Part Five DVD: A Passion for Beads


World On A String - Part Five: The Eternal Bead is a DVD movie which portrays how beads for some has become a passion, for others an obsession. The bead is now the undisputed center of a growing craze that unites the entire world on a string.

Part Five: A Passion for Beads

  • Introduction
  • A Love of Glass
  • Crazy About Fashion
  • The Collectors
  • The Passion Endures

Produced, Photographed and Edited by Diana Friedberg A.C.E.

Written and Narrated by Lionel Friedberg

Co-Producer Adel Boehm-Mabe for the Bead Society of Los Angeles

Length: 94 Minutes